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An endless experience awakes in front of you!


Join our discord to be apart of Melon Network's striving community, giveaways, events and much more!


Vote on three sites to redeem rewards on Melon Network™


Were players can apply for a position or appeal for a second chance across Melon Network™


Displays the full list of rules for Melon Network

CoalGens Store

All purchases will help Melon Network™ strive and provide
servers for you guys!

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All purchases will help Melon Network™ strive and provide
servers for you guys!

Melon Network™

This video contains the MHFarm™ trailer. This video shows how people play and how you can begin. It shows you what you can do on MHFarm™ whilst having fun with your friends.
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Melon Network™


Staff Members

Our staff team is hand-picked to support you, while also having fun themselves. Being a staff member isn't a job, it's just like being any other member of the server.



We promote other servers in any way possible in order to be promoted on other servers. This is how we can grow and help new or smaller discord communities!


Lines of Custom Code

Our Network is custom coded in order to provide the best stability and security for you and Melon Network™


Discord Members

Join our discord for events, giveaways and more! Our discord is improving and growing faster then an average network!

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Melon Network™ is a friendly, well designed, fun and rewarded network that offers servers to play on minecraft. We provide fun and rewarding servers for our friendly community to play. You can speak to our community on our discord which is found above. We are not affiliated with minecraft in any way.

You can contact our staff or make a support ticket on our discord which is found above. However if you do not like or for any reason don't have discord please contact this email and expect a delay of a response of up to twenty four hours. ([email protected])

Our server is easy to play and different because we offer a unique server that mixes Farming and PvP called MHFarm. We are a small community and well organised, and growing very quickly comparing ourselves to other similar sized networks. So why should you play on our server? Because we offer rewards, it is fun and we aim to reduce lag and we listen to suggestions and support.

The best we can do in this situation is help you access the form. The decision to not accept is taken by responsible staff members of Melon Network™ You can appeal again if you have been denied but atleast wait a while to take consideration of your punishment unless it was made unfairly in that case you would be suggested to contact staff. If you don't have discord you can contact my email but expect reply delays of up to twenty four hours. ([email protected])

This can happen from time to time. All packages bought from our store is automatic and not manually done. If you do not have something you have paid for please contact our discord by making a support ticket or emailing me. Expect reply delays of up to twenty four hours. ([email protected])

Melon Network™ only contains of one current server named MHFarm. This server is only accessible by connecting from JAVA and having a bought / premium account. To connect you can use the IP ( OR ( The versions you can connect on is currently 1.8-1.16.X However this can change from time to time. Please use 1.16 on our servers for the best experience.


Discord: jakepronger#2752
Minecraft: jakepronger
Email: [email protected]